Spark Plugs Black, Scooty and Wet, What Causes That ?

Wet Spar Plug- One of the problems that often hit the owner of the vehicle is abiut the spark plug problem. Maybe you ever seen the spark plug got wet and black, it will impact of engine to start. More people will clean the spark, but no longer spark plugs comeback  to wet the problem back to rise. So what causes spark plugs always wet? You can find yhe answer below.

On spark ignition vehicle spark plugs become one of the vital components of an engine. Because it has greatly affect to the engine life cycle, the function is about to ignite air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber when power stroke. Spark plugs, indeed produce sparks but the sparks are not originally from the spark plug itself. Rather than a leap of electrons that have a large amount charge so that its power can form sparks.

Spark plug performance is quite heavy because it must work in the combustion chamber that have highly temperature and pressure. So the problem of spark plugs often appear especially if the spark plug is not associated to the engine specifications.

Wet spark plug problems can be caused by several things including the oil rises to the spark plug. You need to knoe that this condition is a sign that spark plugs are not always a problem, just spark plugs can be an indicator of damage to certain components.

The Cause of Wet and Black Spark Plug

There are several things that can make your spark plugs come wet and ultimately unable to sparking, among others;

1. Too rich air fuel mixture

The first cause comes from a too rich fuel mixture from carburetor. AF mixtures containing more gasoline than normal condition (14 : 1), it could lead to gasoline deposits around the combustion chamber including spark plug electrodes.

Indeed for the engine is not too influential, most influence on this issue is about the use of gasoline it be more extravagant so you need to loss some money.

Just wet spark plug conditions can cause disruption to the ignition system, so even though this is fairly trivial as much as possible use carburetors with normal / ideal settings.

To adjust the gasoline mixture, it is easy to turn the gasoline screw inside the carb. It can be adjusted using a screwdriver. If tightened then the flow of gasoline will be more economical, on the contrary when the screw is loosened then the fuel mixture becomes richer.

2. Engine oil leak

Aside from gasoline, the humidity in the spark plug electrode is also due to the oil entering the combustion chamber. Indeed oil should operate outside the combustion chamber. When there is oil into the combustion chamber then it can be categorized as engine oil leak.

This leak could be located on the engine valve or the cylinder / piston rings wear out. The point of oil from the engine into the combustion chamber when the piston operates.

Of course, not only the spark plugs are wetting but the exhaust fumes also become white like a 2-stroke engine. White smoke is caused by burning oil.

How to cope with oil rises to the spark plug

If the engine oil is leaking from the valve then, you just need to skirts your valve or if theri is oil leak from valve seal you should replace the new ones. It’s the correct. This process is fairly heavy because to replace motor valve, you shold disassembly the head cylinder components.. So it needs skill and knowledge as well. But if you have a set of tools, you can do it with yourself with your own risk of course.

But when the oil leak comes from the piston ring then we have to do the total disassembly. There are two potentially damaging components in this case, namely piston rings and cylinder liners. The solution is to replace the piston ring or oversize the cylinder block.

However, for wet spark plug problems because oil usually has some other symptoms that follow such as loss power or a rougher engine sound.

3. There is water entering the engine

It is very rare actually if water can get into the engine. But make no mistake first, when you washing your car or motorcylce, water may water entering the air filter and inundate the filter area. For a moment you turn on a normal machine, but the puddle can get carried by the air flow during the intake. As a result spark plugs can be wet and the machine is difficult to start.

In addition, for engine with a construction stand like 250 cc motor cycle, it could have water pooled in the spark plug hole. And in some time the water can enter through the spark plug hole.

Indeed for the third cause is due to our inactivity, it is due to the construction of a closed machine and does not allow water to enter if not intentional.

If this condition occurs repeatedly the solution, find where the water is stagnant and make sure no more water entering the engine.

4. Fuel factor

There are many kind of gasoline, the differen of all is about octane number. The 90-octane gasoline is better quality than 85-octane gasoline but we do not know the contents of gasoline sold in retail. This is because in some cases deliberately doing gasoline mixing with other materials such as water, or oil.

Perhaps you could seen the gasoline blend mixed down the road that has a cheaper price. This mixture can precipitate and moisten the spark plug electrode. So it will make a ignition problem.

Especially if your car have injection technology then never use mixed gasoline, the mixture of water or oil that is difficult to burn can potentially damage the injector. But if you mixture from 85 to 90 octane, is not too affected. The higher octane number, the higher engine compression range.

5. Spark plug quality factor

Aside from the outside factors it turns out the spark plug conditions also have an effect. Motorcycle plugs that are less qualified and not suitable for the recomended spark plug can cause problems on the engine or on the spark plug itself.

If the fire that came out was too small, the ignition would be more difficult so unburned fuel would precipitate on the spark plug electrode.

What is correct solution ? use the right spark plug or recemended spark plug that fits your engine's specifications, not just from the hole thread only but the magnitude of resistance also needs to be taken into account. This is because each motor has a different ignition standard, so the resulting output is also different.

So our brief article about the causes and how to fix dry and black spark plug. Hope can add to our insight and useful for us all. Also see some other motor tips on Autoexpose.