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How air brakes work ?

Air brake system has ability to do high force braking with small input force. It can be done because air brakes generating power from pressurized air to pull the brake shoe. Then how air brake can do that? this article will show you how air brake system works. Air brakes is selected to replace hydraulic brake that have less braking force on heavy duty vehicle. So, air brake is one of brake control system, or it is not the brake actuator system. It means, air brake system is a mechanism to activate the brake actuator on its vehicle. Generally, the actuators that are combined with air brake control system, is drum brake system. The example, the truck. Here we have a set of drum brake system. At the tip of brake shoes, there is a cam. If we rotate this cam, it will push both brake shoes to the outside. So that the brake active. And if we look more detail, the cam is connected to a push rod. So, to activate the drum brakes, we need to push this pushrod. This is the job of air brake

How Hydraulic Jack Lift Heavy Weight With Small Input Force ?

Hydraulic jack always be an option if we work with heavy equipment. For example when we want to change car’s wheel. To do that, we need to lift the vehicle. And hydraulic jack is a good choice to do that job. But how the hydraulic jack can lift the heavy weight with small input force ? in this article, I will show you inside the hydraulic jack when it works. hydraulic jack animation Hydraulic jack work using pascal’s law. With this principle, the hydraulic jack has an ability to lift a weight that has two or three time heavier than the input weight. But here, I want to talk a lot about physics. I just want to show you how powerful this pascal principle, of course in simple explanation. So, it can be said that the area very influence the weight can be hold. If you ever see a raft. When you stand in the raft with small area, you can sink. But if we make the raft larger, it can accommodate two or three people without sink. It is a proof that the area very affected with the weight can be a

Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) Working Principle

  We already know that the job of the transmission is to change the speed ratio between the engine and the wheels of an automobile. The transmission use two gears with different diameters. So that the rotation from the crankshaft, can be change to make it has more torque with lower speed. But how about automatic transmission ? did this thing using several gears or not ? In this article, we will learn about CVT transmission. Which is this transmission, widely use in automatic motorcycles. Basic of Automatic Transmission Unlike traditional automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions don't have a gearbox with a set number of gears, which means they don't have interlocking toothed wheels. The most common type of CVT operates on an ingenious pulley system that allows an infinite variability between highest and lowest gears with no discrete steps or shifts. To change the speed ratio, CVT use variable diameter pulley. This pulley has ability to change the diameter, ac

Can a Car Battery Charge Itself ?

Vehicle battery is a component that store electrical energy for the vehicle use. Note that the battery is only a stored component. It mean the battery only use to save the electricity. So, the battery (in general ) has 12 Volt voltage at full charge. When we use the battery, there is discharge voltage that makes the battery voltage drop in slowly. But because the battery has no ability to recharge, it make the battery going to empty if it use for long time. But, we never change the battery daily right ? it mean the batteries voltage always stable in 12 Volt. What makes the battery stable even it always use ? The answer is simple, the vehicle has charging system. The battery has no ability to recharge so that we need another system to recharge the battery. Battery Function in Vehicle the main responsibility of a vehicle battery is to provide the starting current needed to start the car, it is also responsible for powering all the other electrical components of the car, such as the headl

What is Material Use in Electric Car Batteries ?

  The battery use in electric vehicle is different from battery use in engine powered vehicle. Electric vehicle totally use electricity as source of energy to drive the electric motor. So, rotation from the motor will rotate the wheel and it move the vehicle. But what makes it different ? what is the material use to make electric car batteries ? Electric vehicle use a battery know as li-ion battery. This batteries had been widely use in electronic devices such as gadget, and laptop. So what is the different between li-ion and lead acid battery on vehicle ? Lithium, Nickel, and cobalt are the main container of electric vehicle battery. 1.  What is Lithium ? Lithium is a silvery-white alkali metal that is light and malleable. It is the lightest metal available. The Earth's crust has about 20 parts per million of lithium, and the oceans have 0.17 parts per million; the atmosphere has only trace quantities. With some very basic chemistry, the amount of lithium that a battery must produ

What Type of Battery Is In an Electric Car ?

Electric vehicle become the new interest for several people. The main reason, electric vehicles do not cause carbon residue. As the name implies, the electric vehicle uses an electric power source as a substitute for fuel oil. So that in an electric car there is no combustion engine, that is what makes the electric vehicle not cause bad emissions. just like other electronic equipment, the source of electricity in the electric vehicle is stored in the battery. Then we have a question, what type of batteries use in electric vehicle ? It is impossible to use lead acid battery because it has low capacity if it use to drive the car. So what kind of battery ? Lithium Ion Battery The lithium-ion battery is the most common type of battery used in electric vehicles. This type of battery is used in most portable devices, including mobile phones and computers, so it may sound familiar. Lithium-ion batteries have a good high-temperature output, a high power-to-weight ratio, and a high energy effic

How to Read and Choose Correct Battery Size For Your Vehicle

  The size of your car battery and selecting the correct battery for your vehicle's make and model are critical. If you choose the wrong one, your car will not work as it should or may, regardless of its specifications or how well it is maintained. The spark that ignites the fuel that gets you started is powered by your car battery. It also assists in providing power to your lamps, indicators, navigation system, dash-cams, windscreen wipers, and electric windows, as well as a variety of other on-board electrical features. Car batteries have a three to five-year average life span, assuming they're the right size for your vehicle; the wrong size can lead to unreliability and frequent breakdowns. The size can prefer to physical size of batteries. But we often difficult to different each batteries because it has similar size. But, the container of battery of course different. There are two things that refer to battery sizing. 1.  Battery Amp Hour The amperage hour rating is used to

What Kind of Battery is a Car Battery ? What The Best Kind For My Car ?

A car battery is a system that drives the vehicle's electrical components. It is responsible for starting your engine, as well as ensuring that the lights, wipers, and music play, among other things. A car would not start without it, to put it bluntly. Batteries have become integral units in recent years as the production of electric vehicles has increased. They store the electric energy required to operate the vehicle. Since batteries are rechargeable, they can now be used over and over again for an extended period of time. Today, cars come with different types of batteries. Not sure what kind of car battery is in your vehicle? Worry not. In this guide, we take a look at the various types to help you identify the kind of battery fitted in your car.   How do automobile batteries work? When the ignition key is turned (or pressed in the case of an ignition button), the stored electrical energy in the battery is released. This electrical energy is quickly sent to the starter, which th