What Is a Turbocharger and How Does It Works ?

In several years age, it was only diesel engine equipped with a turbocharged device, but now either a diesel engine or a gasoline engine is equipped with a turbocharger system. Then, what is a turbocharger? what the use of that ? and what is the effect on the engine? Lets learn together/

Turbocharger is a component used to maximize air into the combustion chamber. The goal, obviously to increase engine torque.

First, you need to understand that the engine generate energy from the combustion process. This combustion, occurs between three materials, they’re air, fuel and sparks. But on a diesel engine, it only consists of two materials namely air and fuel only.

The amount of power generated by the engine, depends on the volume of air and fuel into the combustion chamber. The more the higher engine power. However, to put a lot of air into the combustion chamber requires a large engine capacity.

This is where the turbocharger plays its role, it will make the air into the engine becomes more even though the engine capacity is small enough.

How it works ?

Actually, the turbocharger is nothing more than an air compressor. Its function is to pump air from the air filter into the combustion chamber. This will make more air coming into the combustion chamber, the results of engine power also increased.

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Turbocharger effect on engine

Although turbochargers can boost engine power, turbochargers also have other effects on the engine.

1. Obstructed exhaust gas on engine

The first effect, the engine exhaust gas will be hampered. Turbochargers use combustion gas as a source of energy. As a result, the exhaust gases that should be smoothly towards the muffler will be slightly hampered. These obstacles will make the engine RPM slightly restrained, however the engine have more air coming into the combustion chamber. So there is no loss of power.

2. more fuel consumption than another engine with equal capacity

Turbocharger will flowing more air into the combustion chamber, automatically the fuel that must be entered into the combustion chamber need more. This will make the use of fuel more wasteful than engine with the equal capacity.

3. Engine torque will increase

Positive effects are very pronounced, there is on the torque. Torque with engine power are different, engine torque is the torque that is applied to an object. So, when a car has a large torque, then the car is able to carry heavy loads even though running at low RPM.

Advantages of turbocharger

  • More engine torque
  • Fuel is more economical (seen from output)
  • Fun driving experience

Disadvantage of turbocharger

  • Need extra care
  • It takes up a lot of space in the engine room
  • Need a best fuel to prevent knocking

Type of turbocharger

In general, there are three kinds of turbochargers used on vehicles. Among others ;

1. Turbo charger

Turbochargers use engine exhaust gases, the excess is in stronger airflow. However, the turbocharger must be equipped with an intercooler because the temperature of the air passing through the turbo will increase exposed to the exhaust heat radiation.

2. Super charger

Supercharger using engine pulley as a source of energy. It is connected with a V belt to the charger compressor, the result is no problem related to intake air temperature.

3. Electric charger

As the name implies, this one works using an electric motor. The result is no problems with intake air temperature. Another advantages, this type also does not resistanced the engine power because it does not interfere with the flow of engine exhaust gases and this type isn’t connected to the egine pulley too.

Alright, this is what we can learn. If you still have any question, you can leave it on comment box below.