How Long Do Run Flat Tires Last When It Is Flat?

Run flat tires may be new to vehicles. Physically, the run flat tire is the same as conventional tires.

As the name implies, the run flat tire is designed to be used even when the tire is on flat condition.

So that drivers can still drive the vehicle until they meet the nearest tire repair shop.

But how far can a flat tire run during flat condition?

There is no definite answer because it all depends on the leak and weight of the vehicle. Run flat tires may be used over long distances if the leak is small and the weight of the vehicle is light.

But from the information circulating, the run flat tire can last up to 100 miles after the air inside the tire is empty.

Within 100 miles, the driver must find a repair shop.

What if the driver doesn't find the repair shop?

That is what is worrying, most cars that use run flat tires do not have spare tires. So that only rely on the resistance of run flat tires.

This tire can support the weight of the vehicle because it has a harder tire wall. But as I said before, the strength of this tire wall really depends on the weight of the vehicle.

Especially when the tires have been used over long distances as a whole. Then the quality of the tires will decrease, and that makes the strength of the tire walls to support the weight of the vehicle also decreases. So that the ability to run flat is closer.

How long the run flat tire last before wear out?

Data from shows run flat tire wear out is 6000 miles faster than ordinary tires (the life of ordinary tires is around 22,559 miles).

That makes sense, because in addition to the thread, the tire wall is also concern. The longer the tire is used, the weaker the quality of the rubber on the tire wall will be. And that makes the ability of the flat tire even lower.

It can be concluded, if the use of the run flat tire is old enough, the tire's ability to run without air inside can be shorter.

Consumer feedback prefers ordinary tires.

The surprising thing if you look for information on the autos forum, it turns out that consumer feedback prefers regular tires.

According to them, the spare tire is still quite safe than the run flat tire. Because the spare tire can still be used for quite a long distance. So drivers don't need to worry if they don't find a repair shop.

Another thing, driving in a flat tire position can cause damage to the rims. So that the risk of damage to the rims on the run flat tire is greater.

Run flat tire is useful on vehicles with minimal free space, for example sports cars. Run flat tire is a solution because the car doesn't have a place to put the spare tire.

Another advantage of run flat tires, drivers do not need to stop the vehicle when a leaky tire is detected. The driver just need to drive slowly looking for a repair shop.

So are you going to use a run flat tire? or stick to regular tires?