How Many Type Of Brake System in Vehicle?

In a vehicle, there is more than one type of braking system.

Then, how many types of brake systems in vehicles?

The most widely known, the brake system is a drum brake and disc brake. But they are some types of braking actuators.

That is, it is not a braking system. A brake system, can use a disc brake or a drum brake.

Then what are the brake systems on the vehicle?

1. Mechanical brake

Mechanical brake is the simplest type of brake. This type uses a string to connect the brake input to the brake actuator.

Due to its simple design, this type is known to be durable and does not need complicated maintenance. The risk of braking failure is also lower than other types of brake systems.

The maintenance of the brake mechanic, only need an adjustment.

This type is commonly used on single wheel brakes, such as motorbikes. Some motorbikes still use mechanical brakes for the rear wheels.

But the brake mechanic has a weakness, braking strength is low. So that high speed vehicles do not use mechanical brakes.

2. Hydraulic brake

Hydraulic brake is the most common type of braking system used on vehicles. This type uses a hydraulic system to connect the brake input to the brake actuator.

So, the brake pedal will push the piston. The piston will press the brake fluid. so that the brake actuator activated.

Hydraulic brakes are widely applied in cars because they are very efficient and easy to fit for 4 way braking. So with only a brake pedal, four wheels allow to brake together with the same power.

The hydraulic brake is also combined with the intake vacuum chamber as an brake assist. So that the braking becomes lighter but braking strength still high.

3.Parking brake system

The parking brake system is an alternative brake found in each vehicle, its function only holds the vehicle while parking.

'So the parking brake system does not stop the vehicle when the car is running. This type is designed to hold the vehicle when the car is not running.

Therefore, the braking force on this type is not large

For the mechanism, there is a parking brake system that uses a string, which means that the brake input uses a lever. This type is still widely used in the low cost vehicles produced today.

Another mechanism, using an electric parking brake. This type is much more modern. to activate the brakes, we don't need to pull the brake lever. Simply pressing the parking brake button, the parking brake will activate automatically.

4.Air brake

The air brake system uses compressed air to generate braking power. It allows to get high braking power.

When the driver presses the brake pedal, it does not immediately activate the brake calipers. The brake pedal is used to open a valve, when the valve is opened, high pressure air exits the tank and activates the brake actuator.

So with a small input energy, the high braking power result.

Therefore, air brake systems are widely used in trucks and buses with high loads.

5. Engine brake

Engine brake is a technique to slow down the vehicle without using brakes on the wheels.

This technique takes advantage of the vacuum in the engine intake manifold.

So the engine RPM is affected by the vacuum in the intake manifold. The higher the vacuum, the lower the engine RPM.

When decelerating, the engine RPM drops because the intake manifold vacuum is also high. At this time, when we connect the clutch, the vehicle will slow down, because it is held back by the engine speed.

This is called an engine brake, because it uses the engine to slow down the vehicle.