Is Tire Rotation Necessary? What Is The Reason?

Tire rotation is an activity to move car tires to another position. So the rotation will change the position of the tires.

This activity usually do in context of the car tire maintenance.

But does tire rotation have a good impact on car tires? Is tire rotation necessary? what happens if i don't rotate the tires?

Let’s, find the answer.

The thing that makes tires need to be rotated

Car tires always contact with the road surface. This contact makes the tire surface wear.

However, we cannot predict the wear on the tire surface. Sometimes, the inside of the tire wears out faster and sometimes the outside of the tire wears out faster. It is influenced by how the road is taken by the car, how the driver drives the vehicle, and the wheel alignment.

In essence, tire wear is uneven.

Even though when the tires are wear out, the tire performance decreases. So that the tire has more potential to slip.

Then the driver must replace the tires with new ones so that driving safety is guaranteed.

But there is one trick, where we don't need to buy new tires when the tires are slightly worn.

It is tire rotation.

So tire rotation is done so that a healthier part of the tire surface can replace the worn-out surface of the tire.

Without rotation, the wear and tear on the surface of the tire will wear out due to continued loading. But if we replace it with other tires, the parts that get more load have a healthier surface.

So that the tires remain safe when used.

So in conclusion, tire rotation is a trick to extend tire life. When all parts of the tire are worn, rotation has no effect. However, this rotation can delay us from buying new tires.

What happens when I don't rotate the tires?

Actually, when the tires are still healthy, there is no effect whatsoever. Like I said, tire rotation only changes tires. So that the part that gets more weight has a healthier surface.

When you choose not to rotate the tire, the tire surface will wear out faster. So that the tires must be replaced more quickly.

If you have extra cash, you may not need to rotate tires.

When is the tire rotation done?

To rotate tires, you must refer to the manual book of each car. Generally, tire rotation is carried out at intervals of 5,000 - 10,000 miles.

Of course the physical condition of the tires also affects, if you see tire wear and unevenness then it is time for tire rotation.