Overfilling Engine Oil 1 liter, Can It Harm The Engine?

Engine oil changing is a routine task to ensure engine performance is maintained.

Sometimes, for some reason you or your mechanic fill more engine oil than the standard volume.

Then can it harm the engine? let's discuss.

Oil as a lubricant for engine components

The engine consists of thousands of components rubbing against each other. To avoid wear and tear, oil must be lubricated between the components.

The oil will be stored in a component called the oil pan or charter. When you fill oil from the oil cap on top of the engine, oil will accumulate in the oil pan.

Inside the oil pan there is also an oil pump that is connected to the crankshaft. When the engine is running, the oil pump will pump oil so that the oil can circulate to lubricate all engine components.

So what happens if there is too much oil?

1. Frothy oil

If you fill too much oil, the oil height in the oil pan is higher than normal. This can cause the oil level touches the crankshaft.

When the oil surface is in direct contact with the crankshaft, then when the engine is running, the oil will aerate. This aeration is caused because the crankshaft rotation stirs the oil in the oil pan.

It produces froth and it is not a good lubricant.

So the first effect of the oil overfilling, the oil will foam, which causes imperfect engine lubrication. The effect. In the long run the engine components wear quickly.

2. Risk of oil leakage

Another effect, the oil pressure is higher than normal. Even though the seal or gasket is designed to withstand oil leaks at normal pressure.

So that it is very risky to experience oil leaks in various places.

In effect, you will see oil leakage on the engine component joints. This oil leakage will also invite dust to stick. So that your car engine looks dirty.

3. White smoke coming out

White smoke is synonymous with piston ring wear or cylinder wear. However, overfilling oil can also cause the engine to emit white smoke.

Some engines have a crankcase ventilation. This is a channel to absorb the pressure inside the crankcase and discharge it to the intake manifold.

Too much oil, the crankshaft will stir the oil in the oil pan. So that oil will splash everywhere. Oil can enter the crankcase ventilation and enter the intake manifold.

So that the smoke produced is white.

How long can i run my vehicle with overfilled oil?

If you know that the engine oil is overfilled, it is better not to use the vehicle before the oil volume returns to normal.

If the vehicle is driven from the garage to the oil shop, it may still be okay. The most important thing is not to run a vehicle with overfilled oil over a long distance. You have to normalize the volume of the oil.

How to handle it ?

If engine oil is overfilled, you only need to remove part of it. This can be done through the oil drain bolt in the oil pan.

To make it easier, you can drain all engine oil. Then you refill the oil gradually until the oil stick shows the maximum level (don't overdo it).