It Is Possible To Use Diesel Engine Oil In Petrol Engine?

There are two types of engines that are widely used in vehicles. They are diesel engines and petrol engines.

Both of them have different characters, different fuel, different working principles, and different oils used.

Then some people ask, is it possible if I use diesel engine oil for petrol engines?

Many people say that diesel engines can be used for petrol engines. Some even say that if you mix diesel oil into your petrol engine, that's even better. Because the diesel engine is made harder, it can withstand high temperatures, and it can last longer.

Diesel oil also has more detergent, making it easier to clean up engine deposits.

But is it true?

Logically, if the diesel engine is better, why don't manufacturers use diesel oil for the petrol engine cars they make? why at this time we still find diesel oil and petrol oil? why not just one type of oil?

That is because, diesel engines have weaknesses that are incompatible with petrol engines.

To make it clearer, I will explain a little about diesel engines.

It is true that the diesel engine is more powerful than the gasoline engine. But it was made because the diesel engine also worked harder than the petrol engine.

Diesel engines are generally used in trucks, buses, heavy duty vehicles, where they specialize in carrying loads.

So, the diesel engine is not required to run fast, but the diesel engine is required to produce large torque. So even though the speed of a diesel car is not too fast, it can carry a very heavy load.

Therefore, the oil used has a higher viscosity than petrol engines. When used, the diesel engine can run all day long. Therefore additives in diesel oil must be able to maintain performance at high temperatures, diesel oil must also be able to clean deposits, where the deposits in the diesel engine are more concentrated.

This is where many people use diesel oil because its durability is very high.

But what are the negative effects?

1. Speed decreased

Petrol engines specialized in speed than load. So the oil on the petrol engine must be lighter and thinner.

From here, we can already guess that if we use diesel oil in the petrol engine, the engine speed will decrease.

2. Engine warms up takes longer

Petrol engines are used in vehicles with high mobility. That means the engine is often in a stop and go condition. Therefore, petrol engines need oil that can absorb heat quickly.

Meanwhile, the diesel engine is known to have a long warm-up time. One of the cause, oil is slow to absorb heat. So that the heat distribution of the engine also takes longer.

If this is applied to a petrol engine, the engine will be in the heating phase. Overall it will consume a lot of fuel.

3. Damaging the catalytic converter

Diesel oil can also damage the catalytic converters that are now used in every petrol engine car.

So my advice, if you use a car only in short distances then you don't need to use diesel oil. Use petrol engine oil as recommended by the manufacturer.

However, if you use a gasoline-engined car to carry heavy loads and drive long distances, you can mix a little diesel oil to make the engine more durable.