Grinding Noise When Braking, Check 4 Posibly Cause Below

Brake noise when pressed - We know that the brake system is one of vehicle safety aspect that serves to decrease the vehicle speed until stop it. But the car brake system is also appears some trouble. when the brake pedal pressed, then sounded grinding noise. Then, what causes it? and what is the effect?

The noise can indicate many things. There is a big problem, or just a mild problem. But we should be wary if the car brake noised when pressed or release.

Brake sound when pressed can be interpreted many things, among others;

  • Brake Sound when pressed, can indicate the thin brake canvas. This symptom arises because brake wear indicator on brake lining will rub against disc brake, causing sound.
  • Squeaky brakes can also indicate which brake canvas is used less qualified.
  • Brake pads that sound can also show there is a lot of dirt on the brake surface. Dust in the form of this dust can be sandwiched between the disc with a canvas, so it can cause noise.

From the above problems, we can conclude that the grinding noise problem on the brake system of this car on average is due to the brake actuator sector.

What Cause Brake Noise ?

In addition to the above, some of the following particles can also cause sound brakes. among others ;

1. Splashing Water

Water does have the properties of cleaning, but on certain cars water can cause sounds of screaming when braking. But this sound will disappear within a certain period of time.

2. Oil drops

Oil not only interferes with the braking process, but it can also cause noise. The reason is, oil can cause canvas and disc brake is more slippery when rubbing. So the result is a loud enough sound when we press the brake pedal.

3. Dust or solid waste

Dust or dirt on the disc brake surface will block the brake pad when braking. The result, grinding noise will form quite clearly. This problem often occurs in the drum brake system that has a closed design.

This dust can come from pollution or from brittle brake canvas.

4. Brake pedal less lubricant

this means the hinges on the brake pedal that is less lubricated. As a hinge necessarily requires a lubricant such as grease, if not met, it will arise sound from inside the cabin when the brake pedal is pressed.

For the four causes above, you can avoid this problem in several ways. One of them by always cleaning the brake pad regularly, or do a regular service to the Dealer. Because at a dealer, the entire system will be checked including the braking system.

But, if the current condition of your brakes have sounded when pressed, then you need to read some tips below to solve the grinding.

How to solve Brake Sound when Stepped on

  1. Remove the brake pad and clean it using a liquid brake cleaner. This liquid is able to rinse water and oil from the brake pad surface.
  2. Disc brake is also lubricated with brake cleaner fluid to be free of dust and oil.
  3. When exposed to rain, rinse immediately using clean water that has Ph Neutral.
  4. Scrub The brake pad surface using abrasive sandpaper, this scrubing aims to make the brake pad surface more rough so as its not causing slip when braking.
  5. If the sound still continues, replace the brake lining/pad depending your car standard.

For the AT car, you will usually hear a grinding sound when the brake pedal stepped on. This sound is not derived from the brake system, but rather from a retained transmission system due to the braking power.

Is this sound dangerous? as long as the sound is heard only when the path is quiet then there is no problem.